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Refine your consumer targets and understand what types of consumers contribute most to your brand by integrating the Institute’s custom segmentations with Nielsen insights.
Four Institute Segmentations, 1 Million+ Consumers, overlaid since 2007 into Nielsen solutions:

*   Health & Wellness
*   Sustainability (LOHAS)
*   Organic
*   Whole Living

Along with the Institute’s psychographic profiling, integrating Nielsen actual purchase data allows a more complete consumer profile including:

*   Category and brand purchase cycles, switching behavior, trial and repeat 
*   Retail channels and stores shopped, including basket ring, shopping frequency, and more 

Use with NMI new product testing to provide a consistent view from new product development and optimization, through promotion!

Nielsen Linkage Applications:
Includes HomeScan, Spectra, Prizm and many other SLMS applications for more precise consumer targeting based on retailer/trade area profiles, media habits and more.

*   Over 60,000 households scored to each segmentation 
*   Alignment with Prizm clusters 
*   Longitudinal view since 2007 

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