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2016 Supplements/OTC/ Rx

New 6th Edition Consumer Report

Since 2005, NMI’s bi-annual consumer research study devoted
to understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors related to
dietary supplements/OTC/Rx and their impact on product usage


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Summary Table of Contents



140+ pages of data and analysis, including charts, graphs, illustrations

Looking for new consumer targets, new product ideas, new delivery systems, new market trends?

This quantitative consumer research project is NMI's most comprehensive and robust data collection vehicle ever undertaken to examine the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC and pharmaceuticals. It contains the most in-depth consumer insight and breakthrough learnings about consumer usage of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other supplements combined with OTC and Rx products.

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 2016 Supplements, OTC & Rx Consumer Market Trends Report which examines the intersection of dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication and pharmaceuticals and how consumers integrate this mix of self-care methods into their current lifestyle.

The research provides a clear view of the supplement industry landscape and the factors that drive growth.  Exploration of how consumers perceive dietary supplements, what and why they currently use, and even why they have stopped using certain supplements lays the foundational insights from which to build stronger brand equity, trust, and innovative products and formats to address the needs of today’s consumer. 

Maryellen Molyneaux, NMI Managing Partner states that “the NMI objectives of the research included providing deeper understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors toward dietary supplements in order to increase compliance, address barriers, establish trial and build loyalty”. 

Some of the topics covered in this report include:

  • The growing role of self-care and use of self-care methods
  • White space opportunities for supplements and condition management
  • Reasons for lapsed supplement usage
  • Importance ratings of supplement attributes
  • Willingness to pay a premium for certain supplement attributes
  • The role and intersection of OTC and Rx\

Supplements/OTC/Rx Database (SORD) Overview

Discover Leverageable Health Topics – NMI's Health and Wellness Trends Database     health-and-wellness-graph

  • Most comprehensive data and robust data collection vehicle available which examines the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC, and pharmaceuticals
  • Ongoing consumer research among U.S. general population adults.
  • Nationally representative sample of the U. S. population statistically valid at 95% confidence level +/- 1.2%
  • Previously conducted in 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2013
  • 2015 research was conducted among 2,000+ general population consumers
  • Conducted via on-line methodology 

Other NMI Databases Used Within This Report

 databases used within this report image

  • The Healthy Aging Database (HAD)
Examines the concept that healthy aging is not just relevant to the aged and looks beyond physical health across dozens of dimensions
  • Consumer Sustainability Trends Database (CSTD)
 Quantifies insights into environmentally and socially responsible products and services and explores environmentally conscious behavior (across industries)
  • Health & Wellness Database
 Most comprehensive data available on health and wellness; based on attitudes, behavior and product usage within the world of health and wellness.



 Table of Contents



Definition of Groups


Executive Summary

Model for Driving Supplement Growth

Consumption: Boosting Consumption

The Product: Know the Landscape Inside and Out

Brand Trust: Building & Keeping Trust

Buying Dynamics: Pathways to Purchase


NMI Segmentation

NMI's Consumer Segmentation Methodology

Understanding the Segments

Changing Composition of Segments

Segment Composition of Current, Lapsed and Non-User


Health Maintenance and Supplements

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Promoting Healthy Aging

Physician Involvement in Consumer Health

Taking Control of Health

Increase in Self Care Methods

Drivers of Self Responsibility

Health Condition Management

Self Reported Health Ratings

Level of Use across Segments

Worsening Health States

Challenges in Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Supplements as a Health Assurance Policy

White Space Opportunities for Supplements

Methods Used Across Conditions

Safety Ratings of Supplements, OTC, Rx

Effectiveness Ratings of Supplements, OTC, Rx

Trended Safety Ratings

Trended Effectiveness Ratings

Concerns Regarding Supplements and Prescriptions

Consumers' Perceived Nutrient Deficiencies

Concern Over Absorption of Nutrients

Interest in Tests to Measure Personalized Nutrient Needs

Interest in In-Store Wellness Clinics


Supplement Market Landscape

Current, Lapsed and Non-Supplement User Profiles

Trended Supplement Category Usage

Trended Overall Supplement Use across Generations

Trended Supplement Category Use across Generations

Supplement Use among Youngest and Oldest Millennials

Average Number of Supplements Used Daily by Generation

Trended Size of Level of Supplement User (Light, Medium, Heavy)

Level of Use across Segments

Level of Use across Supplement Category User

Trended Multivitamin Use

Impact of Supplement Usage by Household Members

New User vs. Long Term User Profiles

Reasons for Decreased Supplement Use

Profiles of Users Who Have Decreased vs. Increased Users


Overview of Specific Supplement Use

Trended Use of Specific Supplements

Ranked Order of Use of Specific Supplements: 2005 vs. 2015

Specific Supplement Use by Generation

Specific Supplement Use by Gender

Ranked Supplement Use Across Generations

Specific Supplement Use Indexed across Channel Shoppers

Low Use of Specific Supplements

Emerging Supplement Use vs. Perceived Nutrient Deficiencies

Use of Types of Omega 3

Preferred Store Location for Probiotics

Probiotics and Ideal Number of Bacteria Organisms


Condition Management Opportunities

Use of Supplements for Health Fortification

Use Supplements to Manage and Prevent Conditions: Top Tier

Use Supplements to Manage and Prevent Conditions: Bottom Tier

Use of Supplements for Health Conditions by Generation

Use of Supplements for Health Conditions by Condition Manager

Reported Use of Condition Specific Supplements

Condition Management White Space Opportunities

Key to Understanding How to Address Opportunities

Supplements Used for Heart Health

Supplements Used for Digestive Health

Supplements Used for Brain Health

Supplements Used for Joint Health/Arthritis

Supplements Used for Anti-Aging

Perceived Effectiveness of Supplements for Condition Management

Prevention Concerns vs. Effectiveness of Available Remedies

Product Positioning to Optimize Market Opportunities


Supplement Dynamics

Supplement Purchase Criteria

Supplement Purchase Criteria by Level of User

Supplement Purchase Influencers

Supplement Purchase Influencers with Less Influence

Social Media Influencers

Physicians' Influence on Supplement Use

Discussions with Physicians Regarding Supplements

Physician Supplement Recommendation

Influence of Healthcare Professionals across Supplements, OTC, Rx

Recognition of Seals on Supplement Products

Seals Impact on Purchase


The Composition of Supplements

Preference for Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

Preference for Natural and Organic Sourcing

Willingness to Pay a Premium across Supplement Attributes

Supplementation in Pill Form vs. Food

Supplement Format Preference

Supplement Format Preference by Generation

Types of Gummy Supplements Used

Desire for Customized Supplements

Level of Engagement in Supplement Brands

Loyalty to Supplement Brands

Concern Regarding Supplement Nutrient Level Content

Concern Regarding False Supplement Claims

Safety and Effectiveness of Store Brands

Trust Regarding Store Brands

Awareness of NY State Attorney's Findings

Affect of NY State Attorney's Findings on Herbal Supplement Purchase

Perceptions of Validity of NY State Attorney's Testing Procedure


Barriers to Supplement Use and Lapsed Usage

Profile of Current vs. Lapsed Supplement User

Attitudinal Profile of Lapsed User

Reasons for Non-Use of Supplements: Lapsed vs. Non-User

Drivers to Initiate Usage

Lapsed Usage across Specific Supplements

Lapsed Usage across Condition Specific Supplements

Reasons for Non-Use of Specific Supplements

Reasons for Non-Use of Supplements with Highest Lapsed Usage

Expense as a Factor in Non-Use


Supplement Purchasing Dynamics

Channels Shopped for Supplements

Channels Shopped for Supplements - Trended

Total Monthly Spend on Supplements

Increased Spending across Channels

Increased Channel Spending across Generations

Specific Retailers Shopped for Supplements


Caffeine Insights

Weekly Consumption of Caffeine Products

Use of Caffeine Products across Generations

Side Effects Experienced due to Caffeine Consumption

Consumer Attitudes Toward Consuming Caffeine


OTC and Prescription Medication

Belief in Rx for Health

Use of Rx for Specific Condition Management

Important Attributes for Rx Use

Concern over Rx Side Effects vs. Condition Management Need

Rx Medication and Affordability across Generations

Spending on Rx Medications

Types of OTC Products Used

Spending on OTC Medications

Use of OTC for Specific Condition Management

Important Attributes for OTC use



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