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Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 2018 Health and Wellness in America Consumer Trends Snapshot Reports.

Our Snapshot Topical Reports are pulled from our 2018 NMI Syndicated Databases, now in their 19th year, trending and reporting on the new challenges and opportunities in the health and wellness marketplace, based on extensive research of the U.S. general population.

The objectives of this research are to provide insights into how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness have changed over the past 19 years and how these changes may impact the future landscape of the health and wellness industry.

Introduction Summary

The consumption of healthy and nutritious foods is one of the top approaches consumers use to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They accomplish this by being savvy label readers, and are increasingly looking for more pure and simple food products with “cleaner” labels and ingredients.

The idea of ‘clean label’ continues to grow as a fundamental driver of food and beverage purchase. This is a market-driven movement as consumers increasingly insist upon ‘real foods;’ that is, those foods and beverages that are natural, include nothing artificial and have ingredients that are familiar, easy to understand and pronounce. This trend is revealed by consumers’ growing commitment to look for foods and beverages with a short list of recognizable ingredients, a commitment which has grown from about a third of the U. S. population in 2006 to 54% of all consumers today.

The growth of natural and organic foods and beverages is clearly linked to consumers’ focus on products with attributes that meet their desire for simplicity. While taste and nutritious content are consistently rated as the most important attributes of food and beverage purchases, those which show the most growth center around ‘cleaner’ and natural or organic ingredients. Consumers are becoming more expectant that the food industry, growers and manufacturers are mindful of offering options that they feel good about. This paradigm shift is becoming the dominant, new pillar of responsible food production and marketing.

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H&W Trends Database

H&W Consumer Segmentation

Well Beings Consumer Snapshot

Pure & Simple is the “New Clean Label”

Proactivity in Controlling Health & Healthy Eating

Label Reading: Helping Consumers to Make Healthier Choices

Do Package Labels Influence Purchase?

Which Segment is driving & redefining the Clean Label Movement

Does Certain Information on your Label Increase Purchase Decisions?

Ingredients Consumers Want More Of

Ingredients Consumers are trying to Avoid

Growth of “Less is More” on the Label

Attributes Driving Natural & Organic Foods Growth

The Clean Label Continuum


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NMI’s Health & Wellness consumer segmentation identifies five distinct segments within the U.S. general population


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